Just family this Christmas

Someone once told me that the fear of being left alone forever is one of the greatest human fears on earth. It beats the fear of dying, being locked in a room with insects, or any other phobias we may have. The reason is simple: we are made for relationships.

From the beginning of time, humankind was made for companionship, so it’s only natural that we seek out the friendship of others. You can see it in the face of the little child who gets left out of the game on the playground, or in the eyes of the young woman who strives to be the centre of attention. People of all ages, races, and creeds have the same need: a deep desire for relationships.

Little wonder social media thrives. If you can’t find someone to relate to in person, you can simply connect remotely to others. The danger with that is that people can mask who they really are, and since you can’t judge them by their body language or tone of voice, you need to be extra careful about whom you let into your online personal space.

Finding the right people to interact with can be especially difficult at Christmas, one of the most joyful, yet often loneliest, times of the year, especially for those who have very little family in their lives. Well, the good thing is, family doesn’t have to be someone to whom you are connected by blood. Family can be anyone you connect with and allow into your life.

This Christmas, allow me introduce you to a bigger family, a loving one—a family of people who follow Christ. It’s okay, you won’t have to travel to meet them, or change your location to be with them. You are allowed to be yourself and act out in the presence of this family.