Designed Outcomes

Color smoke rainbow
I absolutely love an old time phenomenon commonly known as miracles. I say old time because many people no longer believe that miracles still happen today, but I happen to be one of the ones who still believe. I am amazed at the concept of the impossible made possible. It's like finding water in a dry land, it’s just satisfying. I love to work hard, but I relish the moments when my human efforts stops and the divine takes control. 

Simply, unbelievably blissful. 

When God does his work he leaves his signature on it so you can be absolutely certain that it was done by God and not man. Many times we try to stand in the place of the creator. We stand in the way of nature and attempt to command creation to take a different course. We invite the ephemeral to circumvent the eternal.  Like when Abraham tried to make God's promise of an heir come to pass through his maid servant. Or When Peter tried to stopped the crucifixion of Christ by cutting off the ear of the Roman solider. Their effort hardly made a dent in the plan of God .

It is in man to take charge and have dominion over all. It is our God given instinct that makes us want to work it out at all costs. In all our futility we forget that it takes a steady hand to ride the horse. It takes trained eyes to see the picture in a mosaic. It takes the unchanging hand of God to bless a man and make him stand out among nations. 

“Abraham answered: The Lord God Most High made the heavens and the earth. And I have promised him that I won’t keep anything of yours, not even a sandal strap or a piece of thread. Then you can never say that you are the one who made me rich..” Genesis 14: 22-23

Yea Abraham learnt quickly. If God wasn’t going to make it happen, no one else could. We all have a God-designed outcome for our lives and it’s a good one. But we need the creator to help us make the right decisions to ensure our lives are built out according to his good plan.

To fulfill destiny you require more than just human efforts. You need the touch of the divine to be distinguished among others. If you have somehow lost your faith, and your hope in miracles have somehow diminished, can I ask you one more time to believe again?. Allow God be your help and watch your life take a new shape in the skillful hands of The Potter.