What lies beyond the tunnel

person walking through a dark tunnel
I have a frame on my bedroom wall to remind me of what lies beyond the tunnel — Peace.

Dark and lonely times in life can be quite scary. The uncertainty that comes with not knowing what the next day might bring can leave you drained. Failure, dark places, and shattered dreams are things most people are familiar with and have had to deal with in this life. However, despite whatever may not be going right, hope remains, and the end for a godly man is peace.  

Words fail when everything good starts to crumble. Like losing a job you thought you would build into a career or the business you built up from scratch goes up in flames. How on earth do you deal with this? How do you come back from a place of utter despair and maintain your sanity in the face of life-shattering situations?  

Life can hand you one of these dark moments and force you to re-plan the course you have chosen for your life. Just knowing this dark moment would not last forever can bring some comfort. Knowing that however long the journey through this dark tunnel takes, the end for us will be  peace. Hang in there, there’s always light at the end of every tunnel. 

"Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace." Psalm 37:37