Peace in the ember months

The month of September ushers in those lovely ember months that leads us into the end of the year. It opens the time of the year when lots of people focus on finishing. Most companies start to look at the bottom line as they near the end of the fiscal year. Individuals take stock of their achievements as they count down to the holidays. Even nature start to gradually move away from the bright and sunny summer, to welcome the cold and chilly winter.


This morning I woke up to pray about the winding down months starting in September, and all I could hear in my spirit was rest. It's been an incredibly stressful year for most, if not all, of us. Every color, creed, and age have felt the impact of the changes one way to another. People generally have had to endure more mental and physical strain in the past year, which is why the word "rest" is very timely for this season. 


Philippians 4:7 reads, "And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus" (KJV). God's promise of rest is to have peace amid the storm. As we look to the winding down months, God will give us peace beyond the reality of the situation we may be in or maybe around us.


Creative minds thrive best when it's at peace. With God's peace in your hearts, your mind will relax long enough to conceive ideas to help you overcome challenges. You will see the same situations in a new light and have the inspiration to solve them. Your bodies will heal better as you sleep more and remain calmer through the raging seas. You won't make rash decisions that end up harming your life.


God's promise of peace is one to hold on to in these months, to allow our hearts and minds rest and be restored in his presence. The year is not over just yet, so don't write it off. Allow the peace of God to flood your hearts. Ask God to give you his rest and inspire you to know how to get back all you have lost.


This month, make a pact with yourself to cease from worrying and rest in God's promises. Take the time to free your minds from all the worrying and allow God's spirit to breathe new life and inspiration into you.


Welcome to the ember months of rest.


Blog post image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay