What I love about RedeemTV


It’s no secret that what you watch and read ultimately influences what you think. The way you think influences how you act and the way you work forms who you are. With access to all forms of entertainment via the internet and social media, our minds are continually being bombarded with messages that frequently conflict with who we want to be. We have to make the conscious effort to guard our minds with iron gates of self-control and only allow in content that influences our lives in the God-directed paths we desire to take. 


In today's world, it's sometimes a challenge to find family-type entertainment that we can watch comfortably in the living room, even as kids play around us without fear of the next scene on the screen. So when I found the free streaming channel by chance, I was super excited and decided to write about it. And why not? If I pay monthly for a streaming platform that I can't watch half of what's on it because the content is not pure-mind friendly, then I indeed can write about something I know can entertain and still bless your soul.


Here's my review on the Free Christian Online TV Station called Redeem TV, founded by Ken Curtis of Gateway Films. It's the Christian version of Netflix, and it is absolutely free to watch.  No ads, no pay per view, and no membership fees. The service is made possible by funds from donors, and you are encouraged to donate to keep the station going but not mandated to do so. To access sign up is required with an email and password. You can download the app on your phone, laptop, or Smart TV, and you can watch it from a web browser.


I love the fact that the platform highlights what’s new so you can keep a tab on recent releases. There are a couple of segments to help you find what you may be interested in. You can browse by Drama, Documentary, Children's programming, Biographies, Biblical films, Classics, Contemporary issues, to say a few. I have been enjoying this streaming goodness for two weeks now, and here is my shortlist of my personal favorites to get you started:

·      Vindication (Drama)

·      The Pilgrim’s Progress (Kids)

·      He Sends Rain (Drama)

·      Newton’s Grace (Biographies)

·      The Fall of Jericho (Biblical Films)

·      God’s Outlaw (Drama)


In the words of Solomon, “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life." Proverbs 4: 23 (NLT). To change the course of your life, you need to start with your mind. Make a decision today to only fill your mind with pure goodness and watch your life as it blossoms into the fullness of God's plan for you.


About Redeem TV

Redeem TV is a donor-supported, ad-free, streaming service with no fees which aims to provide edifying and redemptive visual media content for all ages. They offer over 1,500 quality dramas, documentaries, animated features, children’s favorites, episodic series, Bible studies and. Redeem TV is the latest effort of Vision Video, which has been distributing and producing Christian media content for many decades. Founded by Ken Curtis as Gateway Films in the early 1970’s with the purpose of distributing 16mm films to churches.  


Visit https://redeemtv.com/ to learn more