Take a pause, breathe.


Sometimes life is a crazy frenzy, and it's so easy to lose it completely in an attempt to put everything in order. Truth be told, we can't always control everything. We all need to learn to move in a rhythm the puts us in charge and still allows life to happen. If you feel your life spinning out of control, pause and breathe. It's okay to veg -out, take a break, do nothing, and recharge. Once you have a better grip, retake the reins and go with the flow of your life. Here is an article I wrote on managing your day with spaces to breathe (click to read).


Take a pause, breathe.


  1. Very well said. Take it easy...and don't be too hard on yourself when things aren't happening the way you want them to. Just keep your eyes on the price, but reward yourself while doing that!


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