Spotlight: The World I Want By Dara Oloruntoba

Poem by Dara Oloruntoba

Maybe one day, we will dream,

And work in harmony.

Maybe one day, we will see,

More than people in poverty.


Maybe one day, we will know,

That money doesn’t consume us.

Maybe one day, we won’t

Throw people under the bus.


Because I know that we can change,

Get rid of our old ways.

I believe in humankind,

To go back to the old days.


When we didn’t cheat,

When we didn’t lie.

Before our empathy

Ran dry.


Helping people,

Through time and space.

When life wasn’t

a wild goose chase.


But things will get better,

This I know.

With the help of FAIRTRADE®,

We don’t have to go solo.


The banana farmers,

The cocoa ones too.

Will have a better life,

It could be thanks to you.



Dara is a brilliant seventh-grader with a passion for acting, speaking, animating and writing. He has won several academic and artistic awards. Read more about him here: