New Dawn

If you feel like you need a new beginning, you should read Isaiah 57 from verses 14 to the end. It contains excellent promises of hope and fills you with fresh zest and courage to say, "today is a new day, a new dawn."  


Today is a day of restoration, comfort and new beginnings. God's promises come clear and start with a call to return to God, our first love. Think about how you are experiencing your relationship with God today. Is it the same way as when you first believed? If not, this day brings an opportunity for a fresh start. 


Remember your commitment to faith, passion for love, the joy of giving, and return to God with all your heart. Allow him to be the God of your life again. Take down everything you have made an idol, everything you have pursued more than you pursued your relationship with God. 


Allow him to be first in your heart and life again. It's a new dawn, and it starts with a fiery passionate love for God and leads into a deeper relationship with him.


God is preparing a way for his people – you and me. He is removing every stumbling block out of our way so we can come running home, straight to his loving arms. God wants to be in our hearts again. Our loving father longs to transform us into people with a contrite and humble spirit. As we open our hearts to God, he will revive our souls and hearts.


You may have been bogged down with trying times in the past few weeks, months or even years. It felt like God had turned his back on you. You may have felt like God's hand was heavy on you and caused you pain. Whatever the situation, His anger over our lives will not last forever, and his love endures for eternity. 


He made us and knows how fragile our spirits are. He knows how human we are and how frail our lives are. Yet, his love endures forever, and he will not crush our hearts. No human can bear the weight of his wrath, so despite what we may have done to deserve his rage, he always turns that around and shows mercy.


You've spent nights praying, hoping, crying, asking for a miracle. Finally, it's a new dawn – Today, God is bringing all his peace and healing to us. God has seen our ways and is here to heal us, lead us, and restore comfort to his people.


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