If You Got a Letter from God, What Would It Say?

Her Sides Blog image - If you got a letter from God, what would it say?

If God was to write a letter to you as he did to the churches in Revelation, what would he say?

  • To the church in Ephesus, he says I know your work, perseverance and that you cannot tolerate wicked people, but you have turned away from your first love and have fallen, so repent.

  • To the church in Smyrna, he acknowledges their afflictions and poverty yet commends their richness in Christ and faith, encouraging them to stay faithful to the end as they are about to be tested and persecuted.

  • To the church in Pergamum, he wrote I know you live where Satan has his throne, yet you have remained faithful to me. They did not renounce their faith even in the days of trouble. Yet, some among them taught false doctrines and enticed others to sin.

  • To the church in Thyatira, he wrote about their love and faith and how they are doing more for him now than at first. Still, he calls out their errors of letting an immoral woman and false prophet run loose among them, misleading others into sexual immorality.

  • To the church in Sardis, he uncovers their reputation telling them they are trying to look alive but are dead inside. He commands them to wake up and strengthen what’s left of their faith before it completely dies off. He reminds them of what they have received and heard about God.

  • To the Church in Philadelphia, he writes about how they have remained steadfast, keeping his word and not denying his name though they had little strength. So he places before them an open door that no one can close, help to keep them from denying his name and keep them from the trial coming to test the whole earth.

  • To the church in Laodicea, he calls them out as they are neither hot nor cold in their love for him. He reminds them that their wealth is all but nothing, as true wealth comes from a relationship with God. He tells them how wrenched, poor, and pitiful they are without a true connection with God.


If God was to write to you as a member of the church of Christ, what would he say? Would he know your works and commend your good deeds? Would he talk about how you try to keep the faith despite being weak? Would he call out your afflictions and encourage you to remain faithful? Or would he tell you he sees your wrongdoings and how you have departed from the faith?

God judges the heart and intent of us all, not what we project outwardly for the world to see. Today, reflect on the seven letters to the churches in the second and third chapters of the Book of Revelation. Reread it, meditate on it and decide today to live a life that would inspire God to write you a letter of love, calling out your good works, commending your faith and encouraging your perseverance for Christ.