Wisdom from the Farmer's Fields: A Lesson in Timing and Decision-Making

Picture of a green farmer's field

The world is full of wisdom if we look for it, even in the most unexpected places. As a Christian writer, I often find inspiration in both the Scriptures and everyday life experiences. In this blog post, I'd like to re-examine lessons from a post I had written a while back, which explores five essential concepts that could improve the outcome of our life journey through the lens of a farmer's wisdom and the guidance of the Bible.


1. Timing: A Lesson from the Farmer

"When a field is ready, they scatter the seeds of dill and cumin; They plant the seeds of wheat and barley in the proper places." Isaiah 28:25


The farmer's story teaches us that timing is essential. Just like the farmer waits for the field to be ready before scattering seeds, we too must be attentive to the right time for our actions. "Timing is everything," as the saying goes. Whether you sense the right moment through intuition or experience, recognizing when the time is right is crucial to achieving your desired outcomes.


Our lives are a series of opportunities, and we must be vigilant to discern when our "fields" are ready for planting. In life, as in farming, there's a season for everything.


2. Action: Doing the Right Thing


"…they scatter the seeds of dill and cumin; They plant the seeds of wheat and barley..." Isaiah 28:25


The farmer doesn't just consider the timing; he also knows what to do. Just as he scatters cumin seeds on the ground and plants wheat beneath it, we must learn to take action at the right time. Like a sprinter who doesn't stop for a selfie mid-race, we must act wisely in the moments that matter. Missed opportunities can often become someone else's gain.


3. Location: The Right Place for Success

"…in the proper places."Isaiah 28:25


The farmer understands the significance of planting in the right location. Just as you wouldn't place a priceless ornament in the middle of the road, you must consider where you take action. Your ideas, even with perfect timing and the right move, won't flourish without the right location. Think about your business or dreams - the location plays a vital role in your success. Ensure you're where you need to be.


4. Skills: The Art of Mastery

"After dill and cumin have been harvested, the stalks are pounded, not run over with a wagon. Wheat and barley are pounded, but not beaten to pulp; They are run over with a wagon, but not ground to dust." Isaiah 28:27-28


The farmer in this passage is not just any farmer; he's skilled, and he knows his trade inside out. Mastery is something we should all aspire to. Like the farmer, we must invest time and effort in honing our skills. True mastery is achieved through learning and experience. You can't expect to excel if you merely sit back and hope for success. You must work diligently to get the desired results.


5. Seeking Divine Guidance


The passage concludes with the profound statement: "This wonderful knowledge comes from the Lord All-Powerful, Who has such great wisdom." When we fall short or face uncertainty, we can turn to God for help. He provides wisdom to those who ask. With His guidance, we can align our lives with His plan and achieve the outcomes He has in store for us.



In conclusion, the wisdom of the farmer's story provides valuable lessons for our journey through life. By understanding the importance of timing, taking appropriate action, choosing the right location, and mastering our skills, we can make better decisions and move closer to achieving the desired outcomes in our lives. We can also take comfort in knowing that God is always ready to provide us with His wisdom and guidance.