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 Who Will Wear The Crown?

A little tree can save the festival, but will he?

When Sir Cedar of Lebanon, king of Treeland, dies, the leaders have the tough job of finding a new king. So they reach out to every tree they think is best for the job and ignore a little tree they believe has nothing to offer. Follow the story of this castaway tree, Thorny Bee, who teaches the mean trees a lesson about love and respect for everyone’s uniqueness.This story presents an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about love and acceptance. 

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"An effective reminder that sometimes the most precious fruit is found within." - Kirkus Reviews


Barrow Boy

Barrow Boy is an enchanting tale of a young lad's quest to find the secrets of becoming a great man. Despite the odds, young Ladi's mother, Nana is determined to help her son succeed and learn the secrets of becoming a great man like his father was. Unable to take on the task of instructing her son, she leads him to the door steps of an old wise tutor who ushers him into a whole new world. The story emphasizes four basic success nuggets: Desire, Determination, Discipline, and Dance, explained in comical manner that gently penetrates the mind of a young reader. Buy Now 


A Time to Heal

Two worlds collide in a heated battle between past and future. Chidi must decide between his love for his wife Tori and his call to duty to save his kindred when civil war threatens to destroy his home. Will this threefold cord stand the test as the realities of cross-cultural marriage dawn? As life happens, these young lovers beg…in to wonder if they truly understood the gravity of the vows they exchanged on their wedding day…"With this ring, I wed thee…Where you go I will go and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God". Buy Now

Sleeping Bags

 A magical tale about destiny’s date with four young boys on a camping trip which turned out to be a night to remember. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime as four special sleeping bags take on the task to help them recapture their childhood dreams when they grow into men.  Buy Now



Love's Lie

Lovett made a mistake in her growing years and was led to believe the only way out was to tell a lie; one that eventually became the bedrock of her life. Her deceptive life took a new turn when she became a Christian. At this point, she found it almost impossible to walk away from the life she had come to believe as true. At the point of no return, the truth resurfaces again, this time she has no other choice but to face it. Would she be able to stand for what is true even at the expense of her reputation and the trust of a man? It is a story about trust and integrity, a must-have virtue for every person.  Buy Now

Debbie's Diary

Enter into the amazing adventurous world of four friends as they struggle through love, hate, deceit and the truth. Debbie writes about her experiences as a freshman in college. She soon discovers growing up comes with a whole lot of responsibilities when her best friend Bola, gets mixed up with the wrong guy. A life-threatening situation helps her discover what life is really all about. Will their chord of friendship be strong enough to stand the test of truth? An intricately woven plot, a must read for everyone. Buy Now

Book Accolades

  • Barrow Boy: Audio Book Reviewer 5 Star Award (2022)
  • A Time to Heal: Finalist - International Book Award (2012)
  • A Time to Heal: Nominee - Association of Nigerian Authors Prize for Prose (Jan 2012)
  • Nigerian Bestselling Writers shortlist (Sunday Sun Jan 2007)Nigerian Bestselling Writers shortlist (Sunday Sun Jan 2007)