About Us

Her Sides is a Christian blog that publishes inspirational articles based on biblical principles. It aims to promote wholesome and authentic living among Christian women and men. Our articles cover various topics such as family, career, self-help tips, relationships, and Christian living.

In today's ever-changing world, staying true to your core beliefs can be challenging without the support of loved ones. This blog aims to help you become all God has called you to be without losing your authentic self.

As a woman, I understand life's different aspects, shades, and sides. Its journey is one that both men and women can relate to. I share the unchanging truth of God's word and interweave it with stories from my many aspects and sides of life, which I call "Her Sides." I hope that these personal experiences will help you feel understood and connected.

I trust you will find joy, comfort, inspiration, and freedom as we journey through life together, holding on to God's unfailing word.

-Seye Oke