Thursday, 3 May 2018

Unboxed Sounds

I met Olumide during my National Service year in Abuja, many years ago. We were both assigned to the same community development project. One of the things that struck me about him was his love for music. He is one of the inspiring music makers who actually touch your soul with their pieces. It’s not just about listening to good music, there is something soothing and healing about his piano pieces. So, I nicknamed him Magic fingers. It gives me great joy today to know that after more than ten years, Magic fingers is still healing souls with his music. Allow me introduce to you someone who has inspired me through the years. I hope his music brings you as much joy as they have brought me.

How did you learn to play the piano?

I learnt to play the piano at a young age without much of a formal training. During our house fellowship meetings, I watched my mentor play the piano and I’ll go back to practice some of the things I saw or heard. I had a piano teacher for a few months but I enjoyed playing by ear and I developed that skill very quickly.

What would you consider a defining moment? What made you choose this path instead of picking up a regular job?

Interestingly, I have always had a regular job all my life but it never took away from my love and investment in music. I am not only passionate about it, but I also see it as a ministry and a call. I have seen God use my gift in diverse ways to bless people. Music creativity comes to me naturally and this is a special gift from God.

People often say that you need to connect to your pain to be able to touch others with your art. Is that the case with you? What inspires you?

My music is an expression of my appreciation for God and all that He does in my life as well as a reflection of some of my experiences in life. I am always amazed by the wonders of creation and how everything works together, beautifully orchestrated by the creator. We can literarily see and feel his splendor every day and I find ways to express the emotions that it brings through my music.

Who is your favorite artist? The person you wish you could be?

Yanni’s music has inspired me greatly over the years, since my childhood. I particularly love his creative infusion of electronic music and symphony orchestra.

Any new works or project in the making?

I have been working with different artistes over the last few months on various projects ranging from single song production to full album production. I will continue to produce instrumental piano piece and I’ll be working as the music director for an upcoming live concert. 

Tell me about your new piano pieces?

Since I enjoy spending time playing the piano while worshipping, praying or meditating, I decided to record some of my piano instrumental expressions and share on my YouTube channel.  These piano pieces are very soothing and calming and can be used for worship, prayer, medication, sleep and more.  Listen on my YouTube Channel:

If you had to give your younger self an advice, knowing what you know now, what will it be?

Be more daring and enjoy the process of becoming!

About Unboxed Sounds:

Olumide runs Unboxed Sounds specializes in Sound Engineering and Music Production. Our Audio production package includes: sound design, recording engineering, sound and acoustic consultation, soundtrack production, live mixing, mastering services, music consultancy services and song arrangement.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Fight like a dance

This is what I love about tenacity; the grits, sweat, drive, emotion, the perspiration that comes with staying in, giving all and never letting go. It’s like a dance, not the one you always enjoy but the one you have to do to keep going. You push and get pushed back, you push and get pushed back again. You keep on going until the resistance is down. Every athlete knows every victor knows that you have to push through the pain. It aches, you keep going. It breaks, you fix it and keep going. The crown comes at a price, that only the persistent obtains.

It’s like the dance of a boxer. One foot in front, one at the back. Hands up in a defensive position, face protected. Knees bent slightly, ready for the fight. The mind filled with pictures of what will be at the end, victory as defined by the fighter. On high alert, ready! Bell goes off and you dive in with a Jab! Cross! Your opponent hit back. You go at it again, not fluttering, not standing down. Heart and mind transfixed on only one thing the resistance will go down. Whatever it takes, however long it takes, you’d be the last one standing.

Body swaying back and forth as you keep going at the opponent. You take a hit, you stagger back. Stance sustained, you bounced back. Not staying down, whatever it takes you’d put the resistance down. One foot in front and the other at the back. Jab! Cross! Uppercut! Uppercut! Mind, body, spirit engaged, this is it. You keep at it, you keep hitting again and again and again. Even when you feel subdued, even when your body aches. You continue the fight in a dance-like manner. You sustain the rhythm, bouncing on your toes, moving back and forth, putting in your all. No slacking, no distractions, eyes on the prize this resistance is going down.

You can’t draw back now; you keep going until it’s all over. You know you need to continue; you only need one deadly blow. Unfortunately, you can’t tell which will take the opponent down and that’s why you keep going. Maybe this Jab, maybe this uppercut will do it. Your arms ache but you keep at it. Your mind reels as your legs begin to give way but you still keep going. As you forge ahead you assess the situation. What will it take to bring this resistance down? You take in quick inventory of what you have, your advantage against your opponent. Assets realigned to put you in the best position, you take a swing again. Few more seconds, few more punches and down goes the opponent. Bells go off – the fight is over, victory at last for the last one standing.

At that moment you experience a feeling of satisfaction that comes from finishing well. It’s the drive that keeps you going, tenacity inched into every part of your body. Truth be told it wasn’t that last blow that took down the opponent, it was the accumulation of the many blows that resulted in your victory. That’s why you couldn’t just give in when you got hit back, you had to keep going.

Life’s like this fight, like the dance of a boxer in the fighting ring. Some get you, some you get. Ultimately you win if you keep fighting back. There will be times it feels like you are at the losing end, just keep at it. Fight for your health, fight for your home, fight for your kids, fight for your life as you want it to be. If you get hit, keep going. If you fall in the process, get up and go at it again. You’d only come out on top at the end if you don’t let go. If you are still breathing, you are still living so keep going for it until you win.

Monday, 2 April 2018

He is risen.

Happy Easter Everyone.

Indeed the grave is still empty and the resurrection power is still alive in us today. My prayer for you this season is that you learn to unburden yourself from the things of this world and focus on doing the will of God.

Jesus asks us to take up our cross and follow him. I pray these words find a new meaning in you today,  that the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross will not be in vain.

I love the way this video expresses the joy and hope of Easter and I pray you experience both in your life this season. Amen.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Animations by DD

I love and cherish creativity and like to encourage budding talents. Enjoy these animations from the next Walt disney :)