Charmed but Money Matters

Picture of friends at a bar having drinks

How many times have you wondered, does money really matter when you are considering who to date or even marry? Should you marry for love or pick out the guy with the huge paycheck? Honestly I’m still trying to decide.

Two young ladies are seated at the bar having drinks, just chilling on a Friday night trying to have a good time. A gentleman walks up to them. He is wearing a tailored suit and leather shoes. His beard is well trimmed and his eyes cool and confident. 
     “Hello Ladies” he says with a smile that commands them to respond. They do and invite him for a drink. He begins to talk about his day and the business deal he is trying to close. The ladies find him intriguing. He turns his attention to one of them and the other lady leave the pair to find another company. She runs into a guy at the corner of the room. He is wearing a pair of blue jeans and well-worn shirt. He smiles and invites her to sit. She considers and decides to hear him out. 

They start a conversation on the state of the nation and she discovers he teaches Music at the community school. She begins to lose interest in the conversation thinking she should move on to a better, more promising catch.

She stands up abruptly ending their conversation, convinced he was a waste of her time. Sure he was charming but money matters. She could almost see their future together he would probably still be a teacher for many years and they would live in a rented apartment for most part of their lives. Their kids would wear regular outfits and would be another face in the crowd. She dreamt of something bigger for herself something that spelt glitz and glamour and this schoolteacher was far from it.  She returned to the bar and to find her friend deep in conversation with Mr. Right. Turning away, She spots another catch at the end of the table and walks up to him. He is an investment banker and owns a home in a prominent community. Gold mine! She declares secretly to herself and decides to pursue the conversation beyond the bar.

It’s easy to read this and say these women should have more sense that fall for a guy because of his pay check. Money can’t buy you happiness but it sure can buy a lot of things that could make you happy. Not sure if these ladies made the right choice or not but time will tell. I have seen people marry for money only to find out they need something more that money can’t buy. And I have seen people marry for love only to discover love can’t pay the bills. If I were to advice a single lady today on how to make a decision I honestly wouldn’t know which one to give. What do you think? Does money really matter?


  1. Hmmm. Money really does matter. Lack of it frustrates and it can never be too much. The love of it is the root of all evil. It provides answer to everything including love but above it, wisdom is supreme says the scripture. Finding balance in life matters. I have seen very poor lives that do not live happily too not just because of lack alone. To me, finding God defines life whether in lack or in abundance.

  2. Money does matter, but it should not be the primary decider for a relationship. Personality is important too and maturity, because changes come, money goes, and what remains then?

  3. Money is important as it helps define and declare love better and easier. You can't say you love someone when you can't even support them or their dreams....which money will help you do. Love sure can become sour in the absence of money. Money however can become a burden & lead to depression, when love is absent. But in all, every lady has a clear picture of what she wants out of life. And she should have the strength to live with her choices & not be made fun of for it.

  4. Am at a cross road(if am to put it that way)and has been for sometime, trying to decide if I should go for money or love,am so glad i read this post cause it has given me some form of clarity. Thanks for this post and pls more..

  5. Girl, love is crucial in a relationship because you can lose whatever wealth you may have gathered. In this scenario if you only married the guy for money you would be force to leave when the money is gone. But it's also important that you marry a guy with the potential to provide enough for you. The key word here is 'enough for you' and that varies from person to person. You don't have to be like everyone else, you don't have to amass the wealth your friend has you just have to have enough for you and your needs. So the important question here is what is enough for you? You need to define that first.


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