Graceful June

So you think you’ve had it all and you can’t take it anymore? God’s got a word for you:My grace is sufficient for you. Trust me; this word is all you’ll need for the month of June.  I could not figure out exactly what God had in mind when he told me this will be the month of grace. I thought, “oh great this would be another month of God’s blessings!” but I got a clearer understanding when I stepped into the first day of June. 
It’s been crazy week for a while and I have been struggling to get my energy back. In between health troubles, doctors’ appointments and the trials of a new mom, it’s been like living on the edge. Up until now I really thought I could handle anything life threw at me, no problem. I had been in difficult situations before, over and over again and I just figured nothing could be worse. But as I stepped into June, I instinctively knew it would only take the grace of God this time around, no human effort would pull this off.
I decided to do what I always did in times like this, turn to God for help. I know am not alone in this. There are so many others who feel their life is in zero-gravity zone right now and are uncertain what it would be tomorrow. You may not like what the doctors are telling you or may have a situation at home or on the job to deal with, you are not alone and that’s why I’m delivering to you the same words God spoke to me from Zechariah 4:12 “Not by power nor by might but by my spirit says the Lord.”
This June, God is going to step right in the raging sea and calm the boisterous winds. He’s going to cause the sun to stand still over your life and move the dark clouds away. He’s going to empower the weak and strengthen the feeble things in your life. God is going to prove himself very strong and completely turn things around. You are going to experience the power of God in your life in such a way that it will leave you dumbfounded. This is not just a cliché, it’s the truth. This June, the grace of God will come on you to assist you with the difficult and impossible.
The other part of the bible verse I quoted earlier says, “What are you O mountain before Zerubbabel, you shall become a plain.” And that’s the only truth you should hold on to this month. The grace of God will enable you do what you can’t do by human strength or understanding. Hang on and enjoy the ride of a life time as God takes you on a roller coaster ride through his world of impossibilities made possible.
I believe it is going to be a great month, however difficult it may seem at first. Hang on to your faith. The grace of God is more than enough to see you through. Don’t attempt to go all out by yourself and do it on your own. Now, more than ever before, you need God’s wisdom, strength and grace. Hold on to him, his grace is sufficient for you.