I Disagree with ‘Noah’

I just watched Noah (2014) by Darren Aronofsky and I have to say I was completely disappointed at the way a very straight forward bible story was twisted to depict something completely incorrect. First off if you read the actual Noah story in the bible from Genesis 6 the story is crystal clear – The generations of men on earth had sinned and God wasn’t going to deal with the transgressions of men anymore- he was going to destroy the whole earth. But Noah and his family found grace in God’s sight because of Noah’s righteousness. God clearly instructed Noah to build an Ark and gave him specifications on what to do. The bible was also clear that Noah and his Sons and their wives were all saved in the Ark. So I’m completely lost at where the writers and producers of this movie got the idea that Noah’s sons went in to the Ark without their wives or where they got the idea that Noah was instructed to kill his grandchild? And I know the movie producers tend to distort storylines sometimes to make a movie more believable but when you are dealing with bible stories please stick to the truth as told by the bible. After all it is God’s account of man’s history so why distort it? Just to be clear I completely disagreed with the Noah movie and the story it depicts. God is a loving God. So if you chose to watch this movie with your kids please ensure to clearly explain the difference between what the movie portrays and what the bible says actually happened.


  1. I'm really not surprised by this, if they could portray Jesus and His disciples as gay, then Noah is just nothing for them, they did not respect the KING of kings how much more one of His creations. Again, I'd like to add that most of the movie producers in Hollywood are against God and they are trying to turn the hearts of men from Him, for me, the Armageddon(... men will wage war against God...) has begun already. Some group of people have given themselves the assignment of doing exactly the opposite of what God says or commands and the sad thing is many people are just following this trend blindly, probably because it feels very convenient. So I do not bother to watch Christian movies from Hollywood producers like Sony and so on, they are against GOD!

  2. Ngozi my concern is that over time innocent minds will begin to take their works as the truth.

  3. yes, true. We need to take time to gather knowledge concerning certain things we see, read, hear, watch etc. The bible already warned us not to be ignorant of the enemy's devices, God knows that the devil is a trickster so he already warned us, the bible is there as guide, when people watch stuff like this or hear something awkward, the easy way out is to go back to the bible to get the truth. Christians have a lot of work to do here,wherever we find ourselves we must seize the opportunity to speak the truth.


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