LCC Saves the day

When I took the day off work today I had no idea just how much I was going to need the time off. I set out this morning ready to go about my usual routine and then somewhere on Lekki Epe expressway my car just stopped. The engine stopped running and it glided to a halt at the side of the road. As a road user one of my most dreaded moments are moments like this when your car decides it needs a break, unannounced.
I got out of the car and watched my driver try in vain to figure out what was wrong and since he didn’t have any technical knowledge about cars I wasn’t surprise when his diagnostic session ended with no result.  I called my husband and he offered to rescue me, so I decided to sit it out until he arrived. Five minutes into my wait I remembered the road we were driving one was a tolled road that was being managed by Lagos Concession Company and one of the benefits they have been publicizing was that when in distress they would come to your rescue for free. So I decided to put them to the test.
I searched online on my mobile phone for their helpline number and called them. A lady responded to me and took down my exact location. She said she was going to dispatch someone to me in a few minutes. Surprisingly in less than 15mins their rescue team arrived. Now if you’ve ever had your car broken down at the side of the road you’d understand what it feels like when help arrives. I was really glad to see them. It wasn’t just that they came but the professional way they offered assistance. They calmly inquired what the issue was, tried to fix it on the spot and when they realized it wasn’t something they could resolve they offered to tow my vehicle to a destination along the route they managed for Free!!!
Honestly before this morning I was one of the anti-toll Protestants but after this experience I had to admit that we really do need strong public-private partnership to move Nigeria forward. We’ve tried to depend on government to fix this country and it hasn’t worked up until now. So why not give another force of change a chance? Just imagine if my car went dead on a local government road, who would come to my rescue? The local government officials or the area boys in the vicinity?
Anyway back to my experience, the route patrol called for the towing vehicle and it arrived in 14mins, impressive! About the same time my husband arrived. So I transferred my things into my husband’s car, watched my car professionally elevated onto the back of the tow truck and taken away to my mechanic’s garage which thankfully wasn’t too far away.
Now in all my years of driving and being driven this by far is the most stress-free car trouble I have ever had and I have to say a big thank you to Dennis Ukor and Ayodele Apata the two Route Patrol from LCC that came to my rescue today. For an excellent display of professionalism and for reassuring me that all the tolls I have paid along Lekki express way was for good course.
Thanks guys, all the best to your team.


  1. This is awesome and impressing to see a service in Nigeria without pay. That means Nigeria can be better than this if we can give it a chance. This kind of service is not in Abuja.

  2. Nigeria can definitely be better if we work at it.

  3. Kudos to LCC. I love great service like this.


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