Meet Chef Fregz

If you have even seen Nigerian meals prepared and presented in an unconventional way it was probably done by Chef meet the genius behind this creativity- Gbubemi Fregene.

I saw the picture of the Plantain and fish canap├ęs on Instagram and it got me all wondering ‘how did he get here’. So how did you?

Thank you first of all for following. I got ‘here’ by being intrigued about how good tasting food was made as a young boy. I moved on to actually trying to make it for myself. And then I realized it was a passion and something I was ready to do every day of life for the rest of my life. So pretty much how I got here.

What was the most trying part of becoming a Chef?

Well nothing other than trying itself. Long hours in a kitchen, excessive pressure from your head chef and clients that want you to perform magic.

How can we run a healthy dietary plan on just Nigerian food

We can cook with less oil to start with. Don't overcook your vegetables and actually try new things!

Any mentors?

Ah!! Too many!! Chef Raphael of La petit Maison London, Jamie Oliver and my grand dad.

What’s the best dish you ever made?

Tough! I’ll say my French toast and Home made Speculoos Ice cream because I usually don’t like making dessert

Had a bad day yet?

Oh yes! My First Christmas Day Gig: Salad was bad. Jollof Rice was a mess. The steak was tough. The client had to start cooking her own meal as Chef Fre‎gz’ Special went out Cold! I almost died!
And then once my sous chef cooked venison to death hours before service! Just to name a few!

If you weren’t cooking what would you be doing?

I’d probably be working in the HR department of an oil and gas or consulting firm.

What would you say to a young chef trying to make a name in this Industry

Don’t allow anyone tell you No. Learn, Learn, Learn, Learn!

Again another picture of you and a little boy where you commented that you think you are ready to be a dad. So are you ready to be a dad? Where are you on that radar?

Ha ha ha ha! Children warm my soul. I really look forward to being a Dad. I feel it’s something most men don't really succeed at and I want to be part of the few that do. But we are on Baba J (referring to Jesus) for the child conveyor to show up.

Any big plans for 2015

Yes yes… More pop ups from us as well as a new line which would launch soon amongst a few other things.

Where can we find you or your unique dishes?

Like I said we are going to be doing more and more pop ups so if you follow on Twitter @chef_fregz
and Instagram chef_fregz
you will be updated!