Stay safe as Nigeria decides

Written by Oladotun Togun

The Nigerian elections are finally here, and to ensure safety during this period, here are a few tips on what to do before, during and after the elections.


  • Ensure you have adequate water and food stuff in your home.
  • Stock up on fuels and store them safely in open aired spaces for the devices that power the home.
  • Know your voting area. And have all voting items i.e. your Permanent Voters Card and one other kind of identity card available.
  • Keep away from political rallies, as by now, you should have an idea of persons or political parties you would want to vote for.
  • As much as possible, keep off the roads. As last minute electioneering will be on going, which would lead to major traffic jams around the city. One can utilize teleconferencing facilities to carry out meetings. Utilization of skype and other type of teleconferencing facilities also.

 On Election Day

  • Before going out to vote, ensure you have your voters’ card, your mobile phone with at least N1000 on it to ensure you can call out in case there is an emergency.
  • Wear loose and light fitting clothes so you can be comfortable during the wait before voting.
  • Avoid wearing loud and ostentatious jewelry which can call attention to you. Not everyone there is coming to vote.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Shade yourself, i.e. use of sun glasses, face caps and beach hats to cover ones self from direct sunlight.
  • Ensure you have enough liquid, preferably cold water to rehydrate you during the wait.
  • Ensure you have some sort of face towel available in order to keep yourself dry.
  • Also have fruits such as bananas as they are known to boost your energy.

 After casting your vote

  • Either return home or wait at a safe distance, for those who want to ensure there were no malpractices at their polling station.
  • Monitor various news channels as they will all cover the elections.
  • Ensure at all times, you adhere to instructions of all law enforcement agents you come across during this period.

About the writer
Oladotun Togun is a Security Professional with noteworthy security expertise spanning over 15 years. He has 10 years management level experience in various industries ranging from Telecoms to Finance and Manufacturing. Dotun writes for Sitrep Nigeria - a consortium of organizations who are keen to reawaken community policing and ensuring safety of lives and possessions. Through their online portal, they collect data as well as organize and disseminate useful information about the state of security in the nation. 

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