This is Love 2015

Most kids born outside a home have a disadvantage – they lack the support family gives. Which is why sometimes they grow up with little health care and educational training except well meaning individuals or organizations take up that responsibility to be their support. One of such organizations is OrphansCorp.

OrphansCorp is an NGO dedicated to being the support kids without families need. They provide free medical care and vocational training for homeless kids to ensure they have a fair chance at a decent life when they grow up. Since 2014 OrphansCorp has helped 200 beneficiaries of their projects which mainly focused on:
  •  Education: Teach computer appreciation, first aid, arts and crafts, & other subjects
  •  Life Skills: Educate them in areas of personal hygiene and fundamental life skills
  •  Food: Assist in cooking meals in the orphanage
  •  Love: Play with the children and provide them with the love and care they deserve
  •  Sanitation: Help clean and maintain the buildings
  •  Development: Work on developmental projects, such as painting buildings, etc.
  •  Hope: Provide the children with hope through affirmations and deep conversations
  •  Motivation: Sing, dance, craft, paint, and other activities to make them enjoy their life
  •  Health Provide them medical tests and treatment
  •  Help: Feed babies, change their diapers, and be there for them, hold them, wash
 This May OrphansCorp is planning a ‘THISISLOVE (This is Love)’ campaign to reach other kids in need and they need help from everyone reading this. On May 30th. 2015, they will be organizing free medical test and treatment in Abuja. After which the kids will be treated to a get together party where they will be handed gifts. The event is targeting 200 vulnerable children and a similar event is planned for Lagos in December.

If you will like to contribute to this please see below things needed.
  •  200 Dresses and shirts sewn for the children to be present at the event
  •  Free medical test and administration of medication by hired professional doctors & nurses
  •  Presentation of food items, beverages, toiletries and four (4) units of desktop computers
  •  A get together party
  •  Media interview of both the organizers, sponsors and supporters
  •  Photo and Audio / Visual documentations
  •  Serving of refreshment and indoor games
For more information please contact Mitchel Povianu
or call Mitchel on, 08053610067, Isaiah:08054232319 and or Mary: 08066588884
“Nigeria has an estimated 3 Million vulnerable children who need our help! These children have been through devastating experiences that most of us cannot even imagine and while we cannot change their past, we can certainly influence their lives and provide hope for their future." -OrphansCorp

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