I have heard this song, whose composer I do not know but was made popular by King Sunny Ade, so many times and barely had the meaning sink into my mind. But this morning was different, as my older son was rehearsing for his school's presentation to celebrate Nigeria's Independence I listened and truly listened to the lyrics. here it is:

This Nigeria belongs to all of us
It mustn't be destroyed
Cos there's no other place we can go
There is no place like home
Lets join hands together
Let's put our minds together
Lift it up and I'll lift it up

I must say I agree, there is no place like home. As citizens of this great nation Nigeria let's come together and make it a place we all long to stay in. If you are committing to make Nigeria great, take a selfie with your International passport, driver's license or voter's card or at an iconic location peculiar to Nigeria and post it on your social media pages with the hashtag #ImakeNigeria. 

As we celebrate our Independence day always remember we all make up this country Nigeria, so make it great.

God bless Nigeria today and always.

Happy Independence day.