A Time for Worship

I read this today after many years and decided to share again. Just something a wrote many years back on worship and the relieve you get when you spend time away from the cares of our world and in God's presence.

Read with me ...A Time for Worship.

After all has been said and done, all that really matters is your love walk with God. Where are you with that? What’s been going on in your heart lately? Have you allowed the cares of this world choke the amber of God’s love in your heart?

God placed a longing in your heart for him so that you can cherish his presence. He longs to pull you away from your busy wearisome life and gently lead you into his comforting presence. There is so much peace and a sense of fulfillment that comes from spending time in God’s presence.

If you have been tossed around by situations in life and you seem to have lost your joy then its time to come home to your father in worship. A simple song, a quiet prayer, a few minutes reading his word will restore that peace that comes from lovingly walking with God. As you Worship, he will reveal his power and glory in your life. (Psalm 63:2)

Blog post image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net