Your labour of love is not in vain.


“He said to me, “You are my servant,

Israel, in whom I will display my splendour.”

But I said, “I have laboured in vain;

I have spent my strength for nothing at all.

Yet what is due me is in the Lord’s hand,

 And my reward is with my God.”

Isaiah 49: 2-4 (NIV)


Let’s talk about a common term, Labour of love. Sounds Familiar in any way? It’s an expression we use to signify sacrifice – something you do without the expectation of getting a reciprocated response—an act of goodwill.


In a world where goodness is often taken advantage of, it’s harder to continue doing good or being good. But as Christians’ we have been called to live a life of love even when it is not reciprocated. And though we know that, we sometimes rationalize and wonder why?


The question of why often arise when you review your actions retrospectively. You think about the sacrifices you’ve made and how you have stayed on the path of truth. “Was it truly worth it?” your mind questions. To have lived in the pursuit of God’s righteousness and have been dedicated to God’s works or service to humanity. “Was it truly worth it? "


You ask yourself these questions because as you look around, you see people who have lived by double standards, and they seem to be doing fine, excelling in all life endeavours. The same people who have disregarded God’s commands are not falling into any form of judgment as feared but seem to be the gold standard of living the dream life. They seem fine, have everything they want, and nothing seems to go wrong. So, it’s only natural, even rational, to question your decision to stay on the straight and narrow path, living a life that honours God, one filled with love.


Maybe you’re one of the people born and raised in the church and have given your entire youth to God. Now you question your faith and the decision to believe in a God you can’t see. Before you throw in the towel and cast off your confidence, allow me to emphasize a fact and encourage you today. The success yardstick of this world is different from God’s. The value system of the world we live in today does not always align with what God desires from us.


In the earlier verses, this same question comes to light when another man like you and I questioned his commitment to God’s work. He wondered at the value that his life of righteousness brought and the impact he had made. And when he asked if his service to God was worth it, he received a gracious response from a loving God who understands the fragility of man. God said to him graciously, “You are my servant in whom I will be glorified.”


In the same grace, God is saying this to you today. If you question some of the decisions you’ve made to serve God or wonder if those sacrifices given to God were just a waste of time, listen, it is not. God’s response to Isaiah is the same to you today, “You are my servant, and I will be glorified in you.”


These words should give you comfort.


It might seem that you’re wasting your time. It might seem that God doesn’t see what you’re doing, but that’s not true. God sees, knows, and shows up at the right time. So, yes, it seems people who do wrong sometimes get away with it. Sometimes the cheat goes on to amass wealth, and the inhumane disruptive people move up to become leaders of society. Take heart. It’s only a matter of time; God will reveal his loyalty to you.


As we read in verses 3 and 4 of Isaiah 49, “I have said I live all in vain, I spent my strength for nothing and in vain, YET…” 


I love that word “YET. “


It reminds us that things may go in a particular direction until something turns it around. “Yet” is a reminder that God will glorify himself in us.


“Yet surely my reward is with the Lord; my work is with my God.” 


Case closed.

Your Labour of love is for God, and your reward is with him and not in the hands of any other human.


Therefore, everything you do, every path of righteousness you take, every good decision you make, every kind act, every love you have shown – everything you do in honour of God, though forgotten by man, will be rewarded by God.


So, don’t give in to the fears of this world; Every act of kindness and commitment to a holy life will be rewarded. If you go through the bible and read about men and women who have lived righteous lives, you will discover that their lives may have looked like it was all for nothing for some time, but in the end, God did bless them and generations after them.


Your reward is with God; if you feel discouraged today about your relationship with God or your service to him, reread Isaiah 49.


“Yet what is due me is in the Lord’s hand, and my reward is with my God.”


Be encouraged; indeed, your reward is with the Lord, and he will show up in his own time to reward you. Whether here on earth or in life eternal, God will surely reward every labour of love. Therefore, stay on the path of righteousness, continue to do the work of God – be kind, show compassion, forgive, and continue to live a life that honours God.


My entire life is a testament to this fact - Your Labour of love will never be in vain.



Blog post photo by cottonbro from Pexels