Building God Confidence For An Exciting Faith Filled Life

An anchor, the central part of a person's life, usually holds everything in place. That anchor, the foundation from which everything else emerges, is critical to how balanced and smoothly a person's life rolls along the sand of time. Over the years, people have discovered different anchors and coping mechanisms for living. The one sure one I can recommend is a lifelong relationship with God.

Nothing and no one on earth can stand the pressures of living, holding your life in balance, like the maker of time himself. We lose balance when we put our work, family, or money at the center of our lives. If you have been falling out of sorts, it's time to give God his place.


Here are a few tips to help you learn more about staying connected to God and keeping your life in sync:


  • Return: that's a call for repentance. God wants all of us. He wants to be first in our hearts and minds. So turn your focus back to God and let him be the center of your life again as you live for his applause and His alone. Read Isaiah 30:15


  • Rest: means trusting God and putting all our hope in him - not in things, titles, or men. Trust God. Allow his peace to fill your heart and remove all your worries. You don't need to carry the weight of the world around. It's time to come to your father and release it all. Take a deep breath, let go and let God. Read Proverbs 29:25


  • Quietness: represents stillness- alone time with God. Our daily quiet time spent praying and reading the bible is how we build that relationship and get refreshed. Find a convenient time and place to spend time with God. Rebuild your relationship and connection to God. In quietness, God will strengthen you. So spend time with him.


  • Confidence: this pulls it all together. As you put God back in the center of your life by turning your focus back to him, resting in his love, and spending quiet time, all of that adds to building your confidence in God. Finally, you start to know and believe all He has said about you honestly, and you go about your day with confidence that God's got you. He has your life in his hands, and he owns you. He will work it all out for good. Your faith gets recharged, and you see His power coming strong in you.


 It's time to get your life back in sync. Align your wheels to God so your life runs smoothly. Repent and remove everything that takes your focus off God. Rest in his love and walk in confident faith. 


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