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This blog was created as a safe space for women and the men that love us. Women have one unique feature, we change over the years.
The vast roles and responsibilities that society and nature throws at us mandates that we sometimes change our personalities to succeed. Once upon a time you were daddy's little girl and then one day Fred called you his high school sweetheart. Sounds great until you realized you were responsible for keeping the house as his wife. Then you got used to the idea until a little feet ran into the room and called you 'mummy'. Surely it was not that bad until you turned and watch your aging face in the mirror, and then you affirmed to yourself how much life had demanded of you. 

Every woman faces a similar challenge in one way or another but what remains important is that you stay true to yourself as you go through these changes. When it's all said and done, and you sit alone in an empty nest it would be great to look at the mirror, into that wrinkled face that stares back at you and say 'I didn't lose my core'. 

What's your core? What sets you apart from that woman next door? Your smile? Then don't lose it in the face of a divorce. Your skills? Don't neglect it in the process of raising kids. Your body? Don't let go even when it starts to sag. I started this blog so we could all share our little secrets of how to keep and nurture our individual uniqueness. More importantly, to share survival skills to help us succeed at each phase of our lives.

Everyone has a survival tool kit, care to share yours?
Seye Oke

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