A New Song

There is a saying you may have heard; it says, "music refreshes the soul." The Soul – the very essence of our being. It is the part of our existence that lies between the world we live in and the world our spirit seeks to dwell. It is the part of us that lives on long after we are gone from this world. It is the part that seeks out its creator, the one our creator seeks. The Soul is the core of our being; it's the eternal being.


When disaster strikes, you may feel the pain in your body and could very well recover from it. However, if you let that deep dark feeling of loneliness and depression sink into your Soul, it will destroy your entire being. Look around you, see how worries, anxieties, and fear saps out life from souls around you. The hardship of our world serves to create a troubled soul. A troubled soul is a fertile ground for seeds of greed, wickedness, and evil to grow, which eventually grows into lost souls.


Since our world is riddled with pain, how can we protect our Soul from being consumed by troubles, pain, and wickedness? One way I have learned to keep my Soul free amid pain and anxiety is to sing. Music does refresh the Soul, especially if you are singing songs that inspire and renews your mind. You can't sing songs filled with anger, misery, fear and expect your Soul to escape those feelings. On the contrary, it's just going to dampen your spirit. It would help if you sang a new song. A song of worship to God. A piece of gratitude for the life you have. A song of hope for the future. A song of forgiveness and love for those around you.


I have found my Soul refreshed, freed, lightened, and renewed when I lose myself in songs of worship to God. Worship frees your Soul and brings you into God's presence. Psalm 16: 11 tells us that in God's presence, we will find the fullness of our joy. When you enter God's presence in worship, your burdens are lifted, pain is healed, and hope is restored. His presence releases your Soul from all worldly tension and frees you up to soar.


This month of December, make a note to yourself to sing a new song. A song of praise and worship. Break out in dancing in gratitude to the most high God, our ever-present help in time of need. It's been one tough year that I doubt anyone will forget in a hurry. A year of difficulty, loss, and pain that has left lots of souls troubled. You don't have to stay in a state of despair; come into his presence with worship and watch him do a new work in you. As you worship, your Soul is freed, restored, renewed, and made alive again. Music does heal the Soul, so free your Soul in worship to God.


This the season of joy – keep singing.


Blog post Image by Rob Slaven from Pixabay