Joyful Morning Starter

A great way to start your day is to spend time with God. You find Joy and strength to face your day when you spend some time daily in the presence of God. I have a set time I get up every morning and a place in my home where I sit every morning to pray and be with God. I usually have a few things to help me get the best from my Me Time With God. I have my bible, a notepad, a pen, a sticky note and a cup of tea. Your time with God sets the tone for your day. So don't rush off into the morning without praying. Listen to God as you read the bible and write down ideas He puts in your mind. A joyful morning starts with God, don't forget that. Here are a few things to get you started.


  1. Indeed. A quiet time is essential for inner strength and perspective to conquer the day and situations that may arise.

    1. Time we spend with God is never wasted. Its the best investment of time we can make.

  2. Any time you spend with God will be added to your your days on earth, so this gauranttee you longlife.


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